Name Your Church Plant

Part 3 in the 7-part series, Open a Church Checking Account

name your church plant

What to Name Your Church Plant

Now that you’ve done the hard work to contextualize your church, it’s time to brainstorm a list of names that communicate your mission, values, personality, etc… to your community.

The church name plays a significant role in shaping people’s first impressions about you. Every name communicates something: fresh or stogy; formal or playful; churchy or edgy; welcoming or off-putting.

Common approaches:

  • Play on your city/region’s nickname (River City Church)
  • Support your mission statement (Starting Point Church)
  • Use a Latin/Greek word that will give you opportunity to explain your mission (Kaleo Church, Imago Dei) *caution: will cause extreme repetition of explanation
  • If you’re not quite certain, but timing is forcing you to choose for purposes of opening the church checking account, pick a placeholder name that can be changed later (the Sheboygan Church Plant Project)

Some things to consider as you name your church plant:

  • Pray about it (thanks for the ‘minder @mmrazing)
  • Watch out for similar names in your area (I once helped a planter incorporate as “Discover Church” without knowing that there was already a “Discovery Church” just across the city limits in the next town over)
  • Do a ‘Starbucks Test’ – ask at least 5 random locals what they think of the name before it’s set in stone
  • Check the Federal Trademark database (a planter I know hadn’t done so and got a ‘Cease & Desist’ letter just before his grand opening)
  • Check your Secretary of State or Corporations Commission website for similar names elsewhere in your state (I’ll address this in the next post)
  • Work with the branding firm or graphic designer you’re about to hire to solicit input
  • Read the Igor Naming Guide


Steps to Open Church Checking Account

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  1. Contextualize Your Church
  2. Name Your Church Plant
  3. Formally Organize Your Church
  4. Register with the Feds
  5. Hold a Board Meeting
  6. Now Go the the Bank




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