Contextualize Your Church

Part 2 in the 7-part series, Open a Church Checking Account

Contextualize Your Church

Why Contextualize Your Church?

Believe it or not, the effort to contextualize your church is part of the critical path to open a church checking account.

And you should do it anyway because the Church should always be renewing itself and adapting to the times. Hear me, though: the methods need to change, but the message must never change. What connects with me probably didn’t reach my parents, and is not nearly as likely to affect my kids. Generations are different; styles come & go; words even change meaning.

Plant the church that your community needs, not the one that’s in your imagination. Maybe you’re planting where you grew up, but chances are good you’ve moved to a new community to start the new church. What does Good News look like in your community?

The the name of your church should flow out of all that missionary homework. I’ve helped several planters change the name of their church after they’d lived in the communities for several months. They realized that the name they first fell in love with wasn’t what their community needed.

The best help I know to give you on contextualization is working through Will Mancini‘s book, Church Unique. Don’t take shortcuts here!

Steps to Open Church Checking Account

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  1. Contextualize Your Church
  2. Name Your Church Plant
  3. Formally Organize Your Church
  4. Register with the Feds
  5. Hold a Board Meeting
  6. Now Go the the Bank




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