Church Staff Video Bios

10 Things to Consider When Shooting Church Staff Video Bios

As you’re building the website for your church plant, you should consider including church staff video bios instead of just pictures on your staff page.

Church Staff Video Bios

Staff Pages Rank High

Most people will check out a church’s website before their first visit. But which pages do they hit when they’re deciding whether or not to come? In the study represented in this 2012 infographic, the staff page was the third-most visited page on the church websites studied.

10 Things to Consider

  1. Be aware of your setting/background
  2. Coordinate your colors with your website
  3. Unless you have special microphones, choose a quiet spot to shoot and avoid hard surfaces that bounce sound
  4. Silence your devices – an unexpected phone call will ruin a perfectly good take
  5. Use good lighting – unless you’re aiming for the witness protection effect
  6. Use a tripod
  7. Write an outline but maybe don’t script the whole thing – or you might accidentally read the word “sigh” from your teleprompter
  8. Be consistent if there’s multiple staff – hit the same main points or answer the same questions
  9. Be yourself – people want to know if they can relate to you
  10. The fewer takes the better – if you obsess about redoing the video over & over, you’re likely to ingrain the mistake deeper

Video is the American medium, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. So find a filming buddy and go shoot those church staff video bios to engage your pre-visitors!


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