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1007 logins saved in my password vault

With the advent of Web 2.0 and all of our apps being in the Cloud, I’m sure your online accounts have multiplied exponentially like mine. Now mine’s an extreme case, perhaps, because I work with so many planters all the time. But I just crossed the 1,000 logins mark. Yeah, like I’m going to remember all that.

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Password Managers

Your browser may offer to save passwords for you, but there’s a world of problems with that.

Instead, use one of several apps that save all of your various passwords behind a single, master password, such as Roboform, Dashlane and LastPass. I have been using 1Password and loving it. The big advantage is that it integrates with iCloud or DropBox to sync your encrypted password files across your devices. I can get to all 1,007 of my logins from here at my computer, on my cell phone while on the road, and on my tablet from the comfort of my couch.

Password Tips from a Neurotic

My banking background brought me up in the ways of password security early on:

  • change your master password regularly and do not recycle them
  • use a different password for every site – you don’t have to remember them; your password manager will do that for you
  • and since you don’t have to remember them, let your password manager create a nice long one for you. The password “Br3ak1ead&7” (11 digits) only takes 3 days to hack at 1,000 guesses/second. “It’s about length, not complexity,” says McAffee’s website.
  • Never share your password. If someone has a legitimate need to collaborate on one of your accounts, find a way to grant them their own login so that they don’t need yours.
  • Don’t use your passwords on a public computer, like at the library
  • Avoid entering passwords while on unprotected, public wifi – passwords & other sensitive information can be intercepted

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