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  • What Do I Do with My Church 1099-K?

    What Do I Do with My Church 1099-K?

    Most of you church planters are getting your church 1099-K right about now. Every year I get at least one frantic email asking about what the church should do. Here’s what you need to know: What is a Church 1099-K? The short answer is ‘just information’. It’s simply the total of all the credit card […]

  • How to Get Obamacare Refund for Churches

    How to Get Obamacare Refund for Churches

    Did you know that there’s an Obamacare refund for churches? Even if you’re a new church, if you’ve started paying payroll, this might be money you could put back into ministry. When congress passed Obamacare, they knew it could be hard for smaller employers and nonprofits to make the switch, so they added this lesser-known […]

  • Don’t Lose Your Church Tax Exempt Status

    Don’t Lose Your Church Tax Exempt Status

    The following is a guest post by my friend and operations guru, Greg Hubbard. He helps church planters through his ministry at the Orchard Group which focuses on planting churches in global cities. Churches frequently pay money to people out of a desire to be helpful and gracious. But you have to be careful when […]

  • 2 Housing Allowance Tips

    2 Housing Allowance Tips

    As you plan for life and ministry in the coming year, use these 2 housing allowance tips to save the most on your taxes: #1 Create a Good System You need to have receipts to prove your expenses come tax time. Hopefully the IRS will never ask for them (yeah, that would be an audit), […]

  • Avoid this Pastoral Housing Allowance Penalty

    Avoid this Pastoral Housing Allowance Penalty

    The pastoral housing allowance can be a great tax deduction for pastors. But if you don’t prepare for the surprise swap up on your taxes, you may end up paying a housing allowance penalty. I have seen church planters fall prey to this and wind up with a huge tax bill come April. To be […]

  • Free Housing Allowance Calculator

    Free Housing Allowance Calculator

    Setting a Pastoral Housing Allowance continues to be one of the more confusing things to figure out for church planters. Below is a Free Housing Allowance Calculator that should help. First, some important things you need to keep in mind: The Rules You have to be an ordained, licensed or commissioned pastor You have to […]

  • Opting Out of Social Security

    Opting Out of Social Security

    The IRS allows for ministers opting out of social security if they have a conscientious objection to it on religious grounds. There are strong opinions out there about whether or not ministers should opt out or stay in. The Case for Staying In Staying in keeps you enrolled in social security benefits: retirement income health […]

  • How Much to Pay Church Plant Staff (1 of 2)

    Figuring out how much to pay church plant staff can be daunting, especially if you’ve never been in a lead pastor role. He are some resources to help you determine salaries and benefits. Before we jump right in to numbers, though, there are a few IRS-audit-avoidance things you should be considering in the hiring process. […]