How Much to Pay Church Plant Staff (1 of 2)

Figuring out how much to pay church plant staff can be daunting, especially if you’ve never been in a lead pastor role. He are some resources to help you determine salaries and benefits.
how much do you pay church plant staff

Before we jump right in to numbers, though, there are a few IRS-audit-avoidance things you should be considering in the hiring process.

These are plain-language translations of issues that the IRS asks about on the 501c3 tax exemption application:

  • Do staff (including you) get to vote on their own compensation at Board Meetings?
  • Do you record who voted on compensation?
  • Do you offer a written compensation agreement?
  • Do you ever backdate a job offer?
  • Do you record in writing where you found the information you based your offer on?

I hope the answers to these questions are obvious!

Compensation Studies

Tony Morgan offers us a great shortlist of compensation studies that can help you ballpark an offer:

and one more I would add:

Cost of Living Comparison

You may also want to cross-reference the cost of living in your town. Here are two resources to see how you stack up against the national average:

Next week we’ll tackle church plant staff benefits as part of figuring out how much to pay church plant staff.



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