FREE Church Plant Resource: Live Stream Your Services

For years, large churches have used media like radio and television to get their message out. But you’re a new church plant with limited resources.

What’s the Problem?

You sense the need to have an online campus; at least more than just podcasting your sermons. You know that there are people in your congregation that can’t make it to services every week, and that there are people in the community who would be more inclined to check you out online before coming to a service on your turf. You want a way to get your message out there, and better yet, have it be interactive.

What to Do

Get yourself a FREE UStream account and within minutes you’ll be able to stream your services over the internet and have a live chatroom to moderate questions during the service. You can even record the service for playback later.

You will need some kind of digital camera, and you may want to get the audio from your soundboard rather than the camera’s onboard mic. But UStream keeps it very simple.



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2 responses to “FREE Church Plant Resource: Live Stream Your Services”

  1. Is anyone using this? What do you think about (previously Moguls)?

  2. Patrick Bradley

    Sadly, I have not received feedback from any of the planters I’ve worked with; our formal working relationship winds up shortly after launch.

    Anyone out there have some experience here?

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