Church Plant Benevolence

How to Create a Church Plant Benevolence System

As you get connected in your community, sooner or later someone will contact you for help with a utility bill or car repair. What are you going to do about church plant benevolence when it comes up?

Church Plant Benevolence

There are lots of scriptural mandates around the concept of benevolence, including Jesus’ parable about the eternal reward for those who served ‘the least of these’. And the Church has an historic reputation over the last 2,000 years for being charitable and caring for the less fortunate.

But there’s a way to practice benevolence that is helpful and loving and a way that is hurtful and unsustainable.

Setting Up Church Plant Benevolence

This is the inaugural post in a short series about setting up a church plant benevolence system. The coming posts will explore the following in more detail:

  1. The people side of benevolence
  2. The mechanics of a church plant benevolence system
  3. Coordinating with other organizations

There was just too much to write about in one post!

Let’s continue the Church’s tradition of generosity and caring for those in need in our communities. And let’s do it in a way that is dignifying and sustainable.

Stay tuned for the coming posts that will help you think through the why & the who of a church plant benevolence system. And I’ll even throw in a free download!