Church Plant Freebie Friday – YouVersion Live

YouVersion Live

I read the review and instructions over on ChurchMag, and I can’t say it better:

YouVersion’s Live features give the mobile user a chance to interact with the Bible and your custom content during the service. Launching the Bible app from their phone (iOS, Android, et al), they simply:

  1. Choose Live
  2. Search for the church (by name or even zip code)
  3. Choose the event by name (e.g. Sunday Morning, Dec 15)

Participants can do things like jump to the passage you’re preaching on (in a pre-selected translation), submit questions, respond to a poll, click thru to a web page or video, or even do a quick share to Twitter of that killer sermon point you just made…

Hop on over to his site and figure out YouVersion Live for your church plant!





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