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The advent of  ‘freemium’ pricing plans has been a boon to church plants. There is a lot you can do on the free version of many software solutions before you bump up against having to pay for the premium service. is designed specifically for churches. For established churches they offer a 30-day trial, but for new church plants, the service is “Free until 1 year old“. Not a true freemium plan, but a great deal for you planters nonetheless!

What is it? is an online planning tool that will revolutionize how your creative team plans services and coordinates volunteers. Its self-proclaimed features are:

  • Service Planning
  • People Scheduling
  • Library Management
  • Communication
  • 360WP (post-service evaluation survey)

visual for how works

You’re welcome!







4 responses to “FREE Church Plant Resource:”

  1. Do you know anyone who has left planningcenteronline for this? I would love to hear which they liked better.

  2. Patrick Bradley

    Honestly had never heard of it until I saw it on Twitter. I have no experience with the product, but the site is legit and it looks like a great tool. The price is certainly right!

  3. @Patrick, thanks for posting this info about us! @Kevin, I am aware of a few churches changing from PCO to…and I’m sure there are a few that have changed from WP to PCO. There is a good bit of overlapping functionality. Honestly, if you are happy with PCO, I wouldn’t change for the sake of changing. But if you’re not completely happy with whatever planning/scheduling tools you use, feel free to give us a try. And we’re always happy to answer any questions you have by email or phone.

    -tom (

  4. It’s a good product. It use to be the king of planning programs until worship center online came out.

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