Exponential East Main Session 3

Exponential East Main Session 3: The Practice of DISCIPLE MULTIPLYING

The practice of disciple multiplying is a shift from sharing what I’ve learned to add followers to sharing what I’ve learned in ways that multiply disciples to the fourth generation. This is a shift in sharing where you not only share what you know to help others follow Jesus, but also share your life and invest in the development of leaders who do the same for other leaders. We see this in the life of Jesus as he spent three years primarily with twelve people (John 3:22). -Exponential

Exponential East Main Session 3

D.A. Horton

From 1 Thess 2:8

Discipleship becomes manifest at the intersection of intentionality & intimacy.

Discipleship: a maturing present tense believer taking an immature believer and walking with them for a season until they are peers and they both repeat the process.

Just like with making children, you need to be willing to commit yourself to the people you disciple holistically for the long term. Implication: being reckless with your discipleship will produce spiritual orphans.

In the disciple making process, don’t share just your sin from the time before you became a believer, share the sin you struggle with now so that they can see that you’re in process just like they are.

Jossy Chacko

Jesus and Paul were the only 2 in scripture that said, “Imitate me.”

Quotables and notables:

  • Coke & McDonalds have done a better job of worldwide brand awareness in less than 100 years than the church has done in 2,000.
  • Show me where the role & description of Missionary appears in the Bible. It’s not there! We can’t outsource the mission to missionaries. Either we’re all missionaries or none of us are.
  • Do you know who the first interpreter of scripture was? The serpent said to Adam & Eve, “Let me tell you what God meant when he said…”
  • What percentage of what you already know do you obey?
  • Discipleship is not measured by anything other than obedience. John 14: “If you love me, then you will obey my commands.” Obedience is not an optional choice or an extra for those that love Jesus.
  • Your success will be determined by what you did. Your legacy will be determined by what those you raised up did.
  • Jossy told the story of one of his disciples who felt called back to his community. Jossy begged him not to go because they were out to kill him. The disciple asked, “Did Jesus know what was going to happen to him before he came? He came anyway.”
  • If people love Jesus enough, love them & send them; that is the graduation requirement for a disciple.