Exponential East 2016 Main Session 1

This mini-series is a summary of my notes from the Exponential East 2016 Main Sessions.

Becoming a Level 5 Church

Speakers: Erwin McManus, Ed Stetzer, Jon Ferguson

The opening session will set the stage for the week’s conversation and introduce the 5 levels of multiplication addressed in the theme book Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church.” Exponential East 2016 Main Session 1

The 5 Levels of Multiplication

I didn’t know leading a church could cost me so much.” Erwin McManus

Level One – Subtracting

Every Sunday the church gets smaller and scarcity is king.

Level Two – Plateauing

Opportunity surrounds them but they remain unchanged

Level Three – Adding

This is the church on the run from plateauing, growing 1 person here, 1 person there.

Level Four – Reproducing

One church becomes two and they both grow; eventually they both reproduce.

Level Five – Multiplying

This is God’s dream for the church without limits, the church on the move.

I don’t want to spend my life shifting existing Christians into cooler churches.” Ed Stetzer

Characteristics of a Multiplying Church

  1. Embraces a Kingdom vision
  2. Prepares the planter
  3. Loves the lost & intentionally evangelizes
  4. Commits to discipleship
  5. Develops other leaders
  6. Creates a clear strategy to multiply

Inflection Point

Only 4% of churches in the US reproduce or multiply. We need to get that to 10% and we have the critical mass to accomplish it. We’re at an inflection point.

What do we do?

A preview of the main sessions to come:

Motives (Session 2) – is this church going to be about my kingdom or God’s Kingdom?

Measurements (Session 3) – is this church going to be about growing or sending?

What you measure improves and what you celebrate gets repeated.” Dave Furgeson

Methods (Session 4) – is the future about risk-taking or relaxing?


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Download Stetzer’s The State of Church Planting in the US 2015

Challenge Questions

  1. Where are you now (reality check)?
  2. Where do you want to go (honestly)?
  3. What will it take to move up a level?