church plant door hangers

5 Ways to Maximize Church Plant Door Hangers

Using church plant door hangers to get the word out about a new church can be effective. If you know how to maximize them.

church plant door hangers

I’ve had multiple planters over the years use church plant door hangers. Some of those planters would tell you that they would absolutely use them again. Others would tell you they would never use them again. What made the difference?

5 Ways to Maximize Church Plant Door Hangers

Here are some lessons learned that are relatively simple to implement:

Coordinate with Your Overall Campaign

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Your door hangers should have the same look, feel and message as all your other delivery channels, like online ads, flyers, whatever. The effect of your whole campaign is greater that any individual part.

Order Well in Advance for Best Pricing

You will pay rush fees for last-minute design jobs and last-minute print jobs. Especially if you are using an online print vendor, place your order about 3-4 before you need them in hand. Which means you need to start the design & copy writing process 2-3 weeks prior to that.

List Upcoming Events

Along with inviting them to whatever event you’re announcing, be sure to include other upcoming events, like your next 2 community service events or next 4 sermons. They may connect with one of those other events over the primary event on your door hanger.

Use an Attachment

OK, so this one isn’t so simple to implement, but has the potential to seriously increase your ROI. Staple something to the church plant door hanger like a small, sealed candy cane.

Verve in Las Vegas attached packets of PopRocks to their door hangers, playing on the urban legend that you will probably die from drinking coke while eating PopRocks (coming to church probably won’t kill you either).

Organize Your Delivery Well

Whether you’re using your own people or finding extra help, none of them want to show up on a Saturday to discover you haven’t worked out important details. You need to have already planned out a quick vision/training time, routes, communication channels, etc.

The Biggest Difference

The biggest difference in whether planters told me they’d ever use church plant door hangers again or not is the labor:

If you’re planning a church plant door hanger campaign, take a little extra time to maximize their effectiveness.