management team win

When Does a Management Team Win?

What is the end game for a church plant Management Team? When does a Management Team win?

management team win

Understanding the Management Team win is important in recruiting team members and in keeping everyone shooting at the same target. You’ll have a Management Team for several years and even the best teams can experience mission drift.

A Management Team wins when they:

Work Themselves Out of a Job

It’s kind of like being a parent and seeing your teenagers off into the real world. The Management Team provides leadership until the new church can make it on its own in these three ways:


If it’s going to be an autonomous congregation, the church should be able to support itself financially before too long. Many times other congregations represented on the Management Team have shared their resources to get the new church started. But no mother church wants a boomerang church living in their basement.


The planter needs to raise up leadership from within over the course of a couple of years. Slowly the baton should be passed from the Management Team to the local Elders.


Eventually the mother church wants to have granddaughter churches. Studies continue to show a connection between church plants that get involved early in planting another church and their own health and sustainability.

Head Problems Off at the Pass

In the mean time, the Management Team wins when they have access to enough information to know what’s going on. Their leadership experience and wisdom will help you see opportunities and problems on the horizon and maneuver accordingly. Probably that information takes the form of ministry reports and/or church metrics. If you keep your Management Team in the dark, they’ll won’t be able to help with your real issues.

Your Management Team is an invaluable resource during the first years of your new church. Set them up to win and you’ll win, too!