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Hard demographics include the typical measures: age, race, income, etc. Soft demographics are a little fuzzier and include things like attitudes, preferences, and tendencies. Experian, whom you may know as one of the big three credit bureaus, has been amassing data of both types for years that gives them (and now you) insight into people in your area. They’ve carved up American society into 71 neat ‘MOSAIC’ segments, or subcultures.

Thanks to our friends at MissionInsite, we can share this link where you can…

Get the Top 3 MOSAIC Profiles in Your Zipcode

Experian Interactive MOSAIC Profiles

These profiles are initially based on age & income, but include everything from what kind of magazines they read, to what websites they frequent, to what TV shows they watch, to what kind of cars they typically drive, to how ‘green’ they are.

As you have become a student of your local culture, this can be another useful tool in figuring out what Good News would be to people in your area. Do your missionary homework and let it inform how you ‘do church’ in a way that better communicates the greatest story ever told.

BTW if you’re looking for a full demographics report that includes all of the hard demography as well as the list of all your local MOSAIC people groups, I recommend the ExecutiveInsite Report from MissionInsite for $185 (as of Feb 2014).



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