Get Tons of Nonprofit Discounts for Churches at TechSoup!

Continuing my string of posts about fantastic cheap and free services for your church, you need to know about tons of nonprofit discounts for churches available at TechSoup.

nonprofit discounts for churches

Wouldn’t it be great if someone compiled a list of all the nonprofits grants, discounts and freebies that are available from all the big corporate donors? That’s the basic idea behind TechSoup. They act as a sort of clearing house. Instead of hunting down nonprofit offerings all over the place, you can register with them and then apply for specific products and services right from their directory.

They do ask for a small administrative fee, but what you get is way worth it. Here are current offerings that may be good matches for you church planters (as of Sep 2017):

Hardware Nonprofit Discounts for Churches

  • Refurbished Dell, Lenovo & HP laptops from $225
  • Refurbished Dell & HP desktops from $175
  • Hotspot 4G LTE device for $18 plus $10/mo for unlimited data

Software Nonprofit Discounts for Churches

  • QuickBooks Online Plus, 5 users for $50/year
  • QuickBooks for Mac (offline) for $50 (once)
  • cloud storage 100GB, 10 users for $84 (once)
  • Windows 10 upgrade for $15
  • Microsoft Office, Windows or Mac for $29

Of course restrictions may apply and I’m offering no guarantee that prices will be the same when you log in. But it’s worth logging in.

Be Prepared for Social Engineering

Each product or service has an Eligibility and Restrictions section. Be sure to read that for each one to be sure religious institutions aren’t specifically excluded. And many will ask you to certify several things about how your church conducts itself as a nonprofit, particularly around hot-button cultural issues. Follow your conscience and only proceed with applying for products and services where you can support those certifications.

You Need to Show up in the IRS Database

Just like the Google Grant program, TechSoup needs to be able to find you listed on the IRS Database of approved 501c3 nonprofits. If you’re relying on the automatic exemption for churches or a denomination’s umbrella exemption, you may not get past the gate.

Apply for your 501c3 tax exemption status early to take advantage of discounts like these!