Don’t Forget to take a Facility Tour Checklist!

It’s easy to forget to check for some key items when you take a tour of a potential worship facility. Here are 6 things you should include on your facility tour checklist.

facility tour checklist

It often goes like this: you make an appointment with the management to check out a potential worship facility. It has promise, but you want to be sure. You go to meet with them and take a tour with the best intentions.

But in all the excitement and wide-eyed envisioning, you forget to check out a couple of things. Or you did check them out but now can’t remember because it’s the 4th facility you’ve toured in a week. Now you have to call them to ask, or make another trip down there.

Save the hassle by taking a facility tour checklist with you!

What to Include

Create these 6 sections on your checklist with room to take notes. I’ve include some sample things to check out for each:

Physical Location Pros & Cons

Is it visible from a major street or intersection? Does it accommodate people with disabilities?


How many spots are available? What would overflow parking look like?

The Building (overall)

What are the rough measurements or square footage of the rooms & common spaces you’ll use? What about ambient light and hard surfaces that bounce sound? When does the building get cleaned?

Children’s Area

Where would check-in/check-out happen? Is there a securable perimeter?


Will you be able to take food into the “sanctuary”? Can you put out signs?


Do they stink? Are they easy to find? Are they climate-controlled?

Download a Free Facility Tour Checklist

You can create your own facility tour checklist or download this free one from Passion for Planting.

Just be sure to go prepared with a facility tour checklist and take lots of pictures. You’ll be able to remember all of the important aspects when you’re sharing your excitement with your team, or when you’re having to choose between 2 not-quite-ideal facilities.