Exponential East 2016 Main Session 4

Exponential East 2016 Main Session 4

This mini-series is a summary of my notes from the Exponential East 2016 Main Sessions.

Tension of Methods

Speakers: Cynthia Marshall, Albert Tate, Mark Batterson

In this session, we’ll explore three specific multiplication tensions that center on actual execution and the difficult decisions leaders will have to address and resolve” Exponential East 2016 Main Session 4

No Need to Verify

God has such a long track record in the scriptures and in your own life that you should not have trouble trusting Him. Ronald Regan said, “Trust, but verify.” With God, there’s no need to verify. He will provide.

Cynt’s TRUST test:

T – can you testify before it happens?
R – can you relinquish all control?
U – can you unload to upload?
S – can you step out without a compass?
T – can you be transformed in the midst of the storm?

You Gotta Trust

God has a reputation of tapping you on the shoulder just when you get comfortable.” Albert Tate

God keeps on giving us second chances. And maybe sometimes he’s waiting for us to respond to him or notice him, like having to put your hands under a motion-sensing sink to get the water to come on. He’s not through with you.

We need not to get so comfortable in ministry that we forget to take our shoes off when we interact with a Holy God.

Facts aren’t nearly as powerful as Truth. The facts may shout defeat, but the Truth whispers love & victory. Trust Him to provide.

God is known for turning down your power so that he can turn up His own.” Albert Tate

Take a Risk

Mark had to step out in faith and buy a drum kit before God answered his months of prayers. When you take that little risk you never know the dominoes that will fall. They now have 8 campuses with 8 drum kits and lots of drummers.

Faithfulness is not holding the fort. Faithfulness is taking enemy territory.” Mark Batterson

What is that step of faith you need to take? Most times churches need to act like twice the size church they are.