Electronic Connection Card for Your Church Plant

Church Plant Connection Card

Call it a Connection Card or a Communication Card or whatever, but getting contact information from a visitor is the weak link in your ability to follow up and get them connected. For years churches have been using paper versions. More recently, some have begun using kiosks & computers in the lobby. Why not add an electronic connection card option for your tech-savvy smart phone users?

Free Online Forms & Surveys

Free and easy-to-use online form generators abound across the internet: Google Apps and Survey Monkey to name a few. Creating a simple form that you can direct your guests to is the first step in this process.

For those already using a church management system (ChMS) like Church Community Builder, you may have a time-saver on your hands: the built in form generator is not only free, but now your guests are doing your data entry for you!

Enter the QR Code

Creating a QR Code is easy, and adding one to your paper connection card is all it takes to create another option for people to connect with your new church plant.


Special thanks to Tracy Tooley for the idea and New Community San Francisco for the card image (note that the QR Code actually takes you to Tracy’s online form – that was my splice).




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