Church Plant HR Forms

7 Critical Church Plant HR Forms & Systems

There are lots of advantages to independently incorporating your church plant, but there’s one significant downside: you have to replicate church plant HR forms & systems for your new church. If your church is an independent legal entity, it has its own liability and responsibilities as an employer.

Church Plant HR Forms

If you’re going to employ people, you want to honor them and the laws of your state by making a sincere effort to do it right.

Scripture has a few things to say about being an employer; mistreating workers is consistently in the lists of charges God brought against ancient Israel. And Paul makes a strong case for obeying governing authorities in his letter to the church in Rome.

To make church plant HR forms & systems easier for you to get in place, I’m putting together some resources for you:

Church Plant HR Forms & Systems

This is the inaugural post of a series about church plant HR forms & systems. The coming posts will cover each of the following in more detail; they’re in the order that you’ll use them in the employment process:

  1. Job Descriptions
  2. Job Application
  3. Interview Questions
  4. Background Checks
  5. Job Offer Letter
  6. Onboarding New Employees
  7. Personnel Files

You’re an employer. Whether all of this paperwork excites you or not, if you’re hiring, you need to grow into being an employer and comply with employment laws and standards.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts that will make putting church plant HR forms & systems in place a breeze!