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  • How to Create a Church Plant Budget – part 2

    How to Create a Church Plant Budget – part 2

    Last week we looked at first things to consider when you create a church plant budget. Here’s a few more: Startup vs. Recurring Expenses For a lot of expense categories, it makes sense to think of the budget on an regular¬†monthly basis: if your worship department budget is $2,400 for the year, you have $200/month […]

  • Church Copyright Licenses

    Church Copyright Licenses

    Artists and composers put food on their table by creating music. Violating copyrights is stealing from your brothers & sisters in Christ; pretty much not cool. Unless you’re going to get written permission for each piece of music you reproduce or perform*, you should use these licensing agencies that provide blanket church copyright licenses for […]

  • Is My Church Plant Name Already Taken?

    Since I started helping churches with incorporation paperwork, I have done due diligence in making sure that their church plant name wasn’t already taken. No one wants to show up at the Secretary of State’s office and be told, “Sorry, we’ve already got one of those. Pick a different name.” What’s the Problem? You could […]

  • FREE Church Plant Resource: Stock Images

    Whether you’re designing a website or print piece, a good graphic really is worth a 1,000 words. What’s the Problem? One of the most difficult things about design to be finding images to use.¬†¬† So where do you go? You could go to Google Images and illegally pirate other people’s images, but that’s probably not […]

  • Podcasting Your Worship

    It is a great idea to record your sermons and podcast them from your website. It will give pre-visitors a chance to get a feel for the church and make an early connection with you. What’s the Problem? Recording the sermons is one thing, but recording and “publishing” your worship set is almost certainly a […]