A Great Way to Torpedo Your Church Plant

Looking for an easy way to sabotage your new church plant? Let your guard down and play loose with the church’s finances and/or yours.

Steve Smith offers us some great financial DON’TS on Gary Rohrmayer’s Converge USA blog. Here are a few that caught my eye:

  • Not carrying liability insurance
  • Counting money by yourself – and taking it home
  • Not tithing yourself
  • Writing a check on next week’s offering
  • Failure to control your budget

Satan does some of his best work through money. Put systems and processes in place so that you & your plant are not his next victim. It takes three things to make a fire: fuel, oxygen & a spark (heat/energy). Remove any one of them and you can’t get burned. It takes three things to set up a financial failure: access, opportunity & motive (pressure/rationalization). Create systems that prevent that ‘perfect storm’ from coming together and you will guard your life and your ministry.

Anybody have creative ways to get this done?








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