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3 Ways to Train Church Plant Launch Team

Over the summer, you church planters shooting for a fall launch will be gathering people and shaping them into a launch team.

Considering all the ministry teams you’ll be forming, you’re going to need help making sure the right people have the right skills to do the various jobs that need to happen to see weekly worship services become a reality. If all the training falls back on you, you’ve already stunted the growth of your church.

train church plant launch team

Here are 3 great ideas to train church plant launch team (s):

1. Visit another Church Plant

Take your team to visit another young church plant, one that has already launched weekly worship services. Prep your team ahead of time that they should be looking for how that church does things related to their chosen team.

Better yet, coordinate with the other pastor to have your team show up early one Sunday and help his people with set up. Your team will get a taste of what it’s like to show up early & set up, and they’ll be able to ask questions of people who are already doing their same job.

Be sure to plan a time soon afterwards for the teams to debrief and share what they learned.

2. Invite Experts In

You could also network with your friends in ministry and area churches to have trainers come to you. Several experts could come to one launch team meeting, or you could have one expert at each launch team meeting over several weeks and let the people on the specific ministry team break out for their training workshop.

3. Use Online Videos

Short of those 2 more relational approaches, you could always search for training videos on vimeo or youtube and have the teams watch them as the training segment of your launch team meetings.

But if you can swing visiting (#1) and/or inviting (#2), you get the side benefit of building relational bridges with other congregations. It will help that congregation, too, in being motivated by mission and in keeping the vision of planting more churches in front of them.

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Have you seen other creative ways to train church plant launch team (s)?



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