church planting coach

3 Ways a Church Planting Coach Helps You

Even if you’ve planted before, having a church planting coach is indispensable in working through the crazy-hard complexity of getting a new church started.

church planting coach

A church planting coach isn’t the same thing as a mentor, trainer, advisor or project manager. You may need people in all of those other roles, too, but a church planting coach fills a unique role in your church planting process. They will help you think & process through tough issues in these 3 ways:

They Ask Powerful Questions

Powerful questions are open-ended and help you gain new insight and clarity on the situation. Good questions take you on a journey of discovery and create new thoughts and ideas. The coach won’t even know the answer to question when it’s asked – it’s not a test but an exploration.

Plus, there’s something irresistible to the human spirit about a really good question; our minds can’t not wrestle with them. And when you’re in puzzle-solving mode, your brain cannot be simultaneously stuck in fear and self-doubt.

They Listen

To ask powerful questions, the church planting coach needs to listen to you. When was the last time someone listened, really listened to you? It’s a luxury in our fast-paced society, but such a basic need for all of us. The coach listens at a deeper level and won’t respond to your thoughts and answers with judgement or negativity.

They Don’t Tell You What to Do

This may be more helpful than you realize. God has called you to plant this church, not the coach. The church planting coach will be your safe place, your champion and your confidant. They won’t be your boss or a know-it-all.

Your coach may speak truth to you in short, direct snippets based on what they’re hearing you say, but they’re not the expert in your church plant. They can’t possibly know the 1,000 layers of interconnections between all the people, information and situations in your life.

A good church planting coach invites you to listen to the Spirit as you use your God-given gifts to connect new dots and receive new ideas to address that different situations that will come up in your church planting journey. If you don’t already have one, find a church planting coach today!