tell fundraising story

How to Tell Your Fundraising Story

If you’re in the church plant fundraising season (which is typically heavy at the front end, but continues at least through your second anniversary), you have to do a good job when you tell the story of your plant. You’ll be infinitely more compelling if you tell your fundraising story instead of regurgitating data.

tell fundraising story

The Problem

Our education system here in the US is not based on story. The rational modernity of the last few decades threatened to stamp out story altogether. If you’re like me, you tell stories all the time in conversation, but you’ve never learned how to craft a really good story that moves people into action.

What to Do

Rarely do I find such a gem: Ten Rules For Developing a Story is an absolute must-read to aid you in framing your story.

When you are done, you will find neatly packaged in your story:

  • demographics
  • the need for a new church in your area
  • God’s vision for your plant
  • a clear reason that supporters should get involved.

Follow the 10 Rules and you’ll have a powerful tool as you raise new support and stay connected with your existing supporters.

Share with Us!

Share the story of your plant as a comment; it’ll be good practice, and I’d love to hear it!







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