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  • 4 Reasons You Need a Church Plant Management Team

    4 Reasons You Need a Church Plant Management Team

    A church plant Management Team plays several crucial roles in supporting the planter during the early stages of the new church. Go without a Management Team and you’ll be at risk for the following reasons. If you’re starting a legally autonomous church congregation, you should not be flying solo until the someday that you can […]

  • Are Virtual Church Board Meetings Legal?

    Are Virtual Church Board Meetings Legal?

    As schedules get busier and video conferencing software gets better, more church plant management teams are wondering, “Are virtual church board meetings legal?” Remembering that I am not a lawyer and not qualified to dispense legal advice, let me simply point you to what I found in my own quest for answers: Check Your State’s […]

  • Where to File Your Church Address Change

    As a church planter, you’re likely to have at least one church address change in the first few years of your church. When you change the church’s address, there are a whole heap of people that need to know. Church Address Change Notifications Send notifications or file address change forms with: The IRS (don’t want […]

  • How to Apply for Your Church Plant 501c3

    You know that your new church plant falls under the IRS’ blanket 501c3 exemption, but you’ve run into several situations where you really need the 501c3 Determination Letter in writing. Or maybe you’re just planning ahead and see the long-term advantages to sending in the application now, before your Grand Opening. What’s the Problem? The […]