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  • 4 Reasons You Need a Church Plant Management Team

    4 Reasons You Need a Church Plant Management Team

    A church plant Management Team plays several crucial roles in supporting the planter during the early stages of the new church. Go without a Management Team and you’ll be at risk for the following reasons. If you’re starting a legally autonomous church congregation, you should not be flying solo until the someday that you can […]

  • What is a Church Plant Management Team?

    What is a Church Plant Management Team?

    Autonomous church planters should come under the authority of a church plant Management Team. Here’s what a Management Team is: The New Testament makes a strong case for congregations being overseen by a plurality of Elders. But when you’re starting a new church from scratch, you won’t have Elders (and typically shouldn’t – more on […]

  • Can Church Boards Vote by Email?

    Can Church Boards Vote by Email?

    Similar to our discussion last week about virtual board meetings is the question, “Can church boards vote by email?” When you’re pressed for time to make a decision between regular board meetings, it seems quick & easy to shoot out an email and have all the directors email their vote back in. There’s a little […]

  • Are Virtual Church Board Meetings Legal?

    Are Virtual Church Board Meetings Legal?

    As schedules get busier and video conferencing software gets better, more church plant management teams are wondering, “Are virtual church board meetings legal?” Remembering that I am not a lawyer and not qualified to dispense legal advice, let me simply point you to what I found in my own quest for answers: Check Your State’s […]

  • 2 Housing Allowance Tips

    2 Housing Allowance Tips

    As you plan for life and ministry in the coming year, use these 2 housing allowance tips to save the most on your taxes: #1 Create a Good System You need to have receipts to prove your expenses come tax time. Hopefully the IRS will never ask for them (yeah, that would be an audit), […]

  • Free Housing Allowance Calculator

    Free Housing Allowance Calculator

    Setting a Pastoral Housing Allowance continues to be one of the more confusing things to figure out for church planters. Below is a Free Housing Allowance Calculator that should help. First, some important things you need to keep in mind: The Rules You have to be an ordained, licensed or commissioned pastor You have to […]