children's ministry followup

7 Creative Things You can Mail for Children’s Ministry Followup

Kids love getting mail. If they’ve visited your church for the first time, mail them a ‘thanks for coming’ note on one of these 7 creative things you can mail for children’s ministry followup.

children's ministry followup

It turns out you can mail lots of weird stuff if you affix a proper mailing label and proper postage. Their instruction page for how to measure your package includes images of a guitar case and a car tire!

Mail These Things for Children’s Ministry Followup

So mail things for their first visit, for their birthday, or even as an invitation to a special event.

1.  A Frisbee

You can get frisbees with you church logo on them pretty inexpensively in bulk.

2. A Box of Candy

Be careful with this one – some parents might not be excited about candy for their kids. But the kids will love it! Locally, I can get 99¢ boxes of Sweetarts and Milk Duds all day long. I’m told…

3. A Ball

Mail them one of those red rubber kickballs or even an inflatable beach ball.

4. A Hula Hoop

For real.

5. A Piñata

How cool would that be to get a small piñata in the mail for your birthday?!? This one is probably cost-prohibitive, but I had to throw it in there.

6. A Pack of Microwave Popcorn

The inspiration for this post comes from New Life Christian Church who used to meet in a movie theater and mail popcorn to kids. What a natural children’s ministry followup if you meet in a theater!

7. Flip-Flops

Again, you’d have to find the right price, but here’s the double fun part: mail them the first flip-flop after their first visit, and then mail them the second when they come back again. You don’t even have to set the expectation that they’ll get the other one; they’ll put it together when they get the other one.

What Not to Mail

Ideas abound on the interwebs for weird things to mail, including coconuts and potatoes. But the US Post Office warns about perishable items like fresh fruits/vegetables and live animals:

Some items require special packaging or special permission to be mailed”

Sounds like a hassle to me.

You don’t have to spend a lot to show kids how special they are and how much you appreciate them. Mail them something literally out-of-the-box for children’s ministry followup!